I know it's been a while...
I have my head in the new project that I told you about.
It will be up in a few weeks and it's going to be long process.
Unfortunately I think it's going to replace the blog.. at least for a while.
I had fun with you guys and I hope you will support me in the new one.
Okay.. Enough of this. I'm going to tell you what it is all about.

My new project is focusing on shortfilms about inspiring people who has something to say.
Me and my friend are going to publish the website soon, where you will be able to follow it, like the blog.
I'm excited. We already have one and the next is going to be about the lovely Stine Mo, which many of you probably already know.
The films won't include voices, just a soundtrack of the inspring person's choice. So you don't have to worry about it being in Danish.
I hope you will keep following my blog, until the website is up!

Mean while, I'm considering to keep up the blogging on my tumblr instead.
It won't be the same, but I hope you will understand.

Bye, you sweet things.



As some of you may know, I'm doing a musicvideo for my cousin, Kira Martini. Still in the making.



In the winter I have a weird habit of always automatically turning my wardrobe into really dark colors. I love wearing a lot of layers in black and grey nuances and this is why the new H&M Divided Grey collection for girls has the perfect timing. The collection will be available in stores and on www.HM.com from November 1st.